Leather Cleaning Winnipeg

Many people spend a lot of money on leather furniture thinking that it is maintenance free and doesn’t need to be cleaned. Unfortunately this is not true. Leather like anything else can get dirty from oils in the skin, pets, newsprint, and yes the blue in your blue jeans. Light colored leather will show more but they all get dirty just the same. Home remedies can often clean OK but more often than not remove the natural oils and moisture from the leather making it stiff and brittle reducing it’s life and also the way it looks. If you live in Winnipeg do yourself a favour and call us for all of your leather cleaning needs.

How do we clean leather?

Your leather couch will first be identified (what type of leather is it, Pigmented, Aniline, or Nubuck?) then we will carefully inspect the piece for any areas of concern. Once we know what the kind of leather we are dealing with, the cleaning can begin.

A specially formulated leather cleaner is sponged onto sections of the leather (it is a foam that gently cleans the leather without stripping the essential oils from it) furniture followed my a micro fibre cloth ed to remove the dirt and cleaning agent. This process is done to the entire piece of furniture by our trained staff so that you can be assured it is done right the first time.

Then the leather is treated with a conditioner which restores the natural moisture back into the leather and also helps to keep it clean longer. A very important step that is often overlooked by the do it yourselfer.

Most leather furniture is more expensive than traditional fabric furniture. Make sure to let our qualified staff clean your leather furniture in and around the Winnipeg area.