Duct Cleaning Winnipeg

Why should you get your ducts professionally cleaned?

Between sleeping, eating, and working, we spend a great deal of time indoors. Over time, dust, mold, and debris can accumulate in your home or business’ HVAC system. If these contaminants are not regularly removed, they can trigger symptoms of allergies and aggravate upper respiratory conditions. Routine and professional duct cleaning will ensure that your HVAC system is free of such contaminants and that the air you’re breathing in is clean. When it comes to duct cleaning, you can’t afford to go with just anyone. It is critical that you enlist the help of a trusted and reliable cleaning company. Partnering with an experienced company will ensure that the job gets done correctly, the first time.

Why choose The Carpet Medic?

At The Carpet Medic, we have close to a decade of duct cleaning experience. Our duct cleaning equipment and methods represent the most sophisticated techniques in the industry. We use a combination of methods depending on the ductwork in each home, as they all aren’t the same. Primarily we use a powerful brush system connected to our truck mounted vacuum system. Secondly we use a compressed air system when needed. By using more than one method you are assured the best possible job.

What is indoor air quality?

Indoor air quality is a term used to describe the quality of air in any given building and how it relates to the health of its occupants. If the air ducts in your home or business do not receive regular cleaning, the quality of air in your home may be poor.

Gain Peace of Mind with The Carpet Medic

With The Carpet Medic, you’ll gain peace of mind that the air you breathe in is free of allergens and harmful pollutants. If you are in or around Winnipeg and are in need of our air duct cleaning services, please get in contact with us today. We know what an important role our services play in keeping our clients healthy, which is why our job isn’t finished until your ducts are completely clean and sanitized.