Odor Removal Winnipeg

We here at The Carpet Medic are very skilled in dealing with odor removal. A large amount of our residential customers are animal lovers and owners. Sometimes accidents happen, and when they do you can call us with complete confidence knowing that we take care of this type of thing every day. Since 1988 we have been helping keep carpets clean and odor free in and around Winnipeg.

How we do it:

First we walk through the areas with a UV Flashlight (salts in urine glow when under ultra violet light) and mark the areas. Then we use a process called sub surface extraction to actually remove the contamination from not only the carpet fibre but the backing and underlay as well. We don’t just spray some deodorizer and walk away, we actually remove as much of it as we can before applying an enzyme based deodorizer which actually works on digesting the rest of the odor as the carpet dries. Results are phenomenal and if you want it done right please call us anytime to take care of all of your cleaning and deodorizing needs in and around Winnipeg.

How sub surface extraction works:

When simply clean carpet only the face yarns get hit by the hot water and extracted. Going deeper and getting the backing and underlay wet is wrong and avoided by professional cleaners. But when it come to odor removal (especially from a urine spot) it is the only way to get deep enough to remove it all. We prepare a mix of detergents and deodorizers in a large bucket of hot water. We then pour the mix on the spots and use a tool called a Water Claw to remove it all with powerful vacuum provided by our truck mounted system. The tool is clear so the process is repeated until the water runs clear, and also until water stops coming up so that we can leave it as dry as possible. At this point the enzyme deodorizer is injected into the backing to allow it to work as the rug dries.

Does it leave a residue that can harm my pet?

All of the topical treatments for this service that we provide are called encapsulants. So when they dry they actually crystallize and are able to be vacuumed up by the homeowner, leaving the carpet residue free and safe for pets and people.

As always please feel free to call anytime with any questions or concerns you may have. Serving Winnipeg’s carpet cleaning needs since 1988.